“Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.” —Aldo Leopold


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Bison (Bison bison)

Bison (Bison bison)

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  • Alamgir Hasan

    on January 11, 2020

    All photo very nice.I like you all photo.thanks you.

  • Bonnie Bonturi Johnson

    on September 29, 2019

    I love ALL of your stunning photos. You take us all out into the wilderness and show us things we would never have the chance to see without your beautiful work. Thank you so much.

  • Beautiful work- I am envious of your upcoming venture in Alaska, but can't wait to see what you find! It looks like we have very similar taste in photography....I hope you'll visit my new site, we just got it up and running. Would love to hear your thoughts..I'll keep looking forward to more of your photos! bit.ly/stoppingtheshutter

  • Matt MacQuarrie

    on June 3, 2017

    Stellar work Moon Man! Keep up the great work!

  • Christian Sturgill

    on June 2, 2017

    Awesome photos! Keep it up!

  • Krystal Moon Winter

    on June 1, 2017

    I absolutely love all of your photos. You are an amazing wildlife photographer!

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