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Wildlife & Nature Photographer — Conservationist — Biologist 

About Me

I’m a self-taught, hobbyist nature photographer based out of Bozeman, Montana. I’ve worked conservation jobs ranging from Florida to Guyana, to Alaska and Montana. I've traveled the U.S. on many outdoor adventures, honing my photography skills along the way. As a wildlife and nature photographer I'm often asked what my favorite animal or location is. I can't say that I have a preference, I do know that I love exploring new places and immersing myself with my subjects. I think what’s most important is the experiences you create when you get behind the camera.

What People May Not Know About Me

Growing up in a house full of extroverts in Orlando, my natural demeanor is very loud and outgoing. I love nothing more than having a few drinks with friends and family reminiscing old times. Coming from the city I didn’t even know what backpacking was until I was in college! When I began to get serious about nature photography I found a new, vastly different side of myself that thrives in peace and solitude with an intense commitment to protecting the wild spaces previously unknown to me. My blue collar upbringing and values shape my approach to environmental ethics and I’m forever grateful to my parents for that.

My Photographic Journey

I inadvertently got hooked on nature photography when I took an avian biology class in college. At first, I was using my camera as a tool for identification, but I would occasionally score a photograph that was gratifying. Once I was comfortable identifying birds, I strived to compose better photographs and develop my photographic eye.

Now, there are many reasons why I grab my camera and go, but my motivation is led by impact and my insatiable appetite for the outdoors. I have a large network of friends and family that  support my photographic endeavors. They've  expressed vicarious appreciation for the subjects I capture in my viewfinder. Receiving this feedback has shifted my approach as a photographer to also capture images that raise awareness of conservation issues. Since grasping this concept I have volunteered my time with local non-profits and contributed my work to various environmental agencies to shed light on protecting what I love most—Nature. 

Whether I'm going out for a specific shot-in-mind or going out to explore, with my camera in hand I feel liberated from the “real world” and am humbled by the natural world around me. This keeps me coming back every chance I get!

Like my photos and want to collaborate on a conservation project?  Reach out to me and let's start something great!

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